I got a letter from younger me.


Basically, the title. There is this website, futureme.org, that allows you to send a letter to your future self. I did that exactly one year ago(it seems like much longer) and today I received the fateful email. And it was weird. And interesting. And also sort of shocking. An excerpt: ”

This is me, Lucian. I used to be called Rex, if you remember that. I’m genuinely surprised that you have the same email… Oh wait… This will be sent a year from now, soooo, you will probably remember it. Maybe I should do this every year… Ok? Sound good? Yeah. And also, sushi is still the most exquisite thing in the world.”

It said some other stuff that I won’t get into, but overall it is very strange how little, yet how much, I’ve changed. Sorry, getting philosophical on you guys.

  • Sushi still is pretty good.
  • If I do this every year, will I just keep having a conversation with my future self?
  • While my past self never gets a say in it?
  • Like their(my) last words?
  • What if I had it set to email much more frequently, but with vaguer descriptions, so much so that they could be interpreted in any way to continue having a conversation?
  • Would it be weird if I did that?
  • Not that I do.
  • I swear.

I highly recommend you try this out. I was unsettling, yet calming. I’m not getting paid for this stuff. Just try it.


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