A glance over our shoulders


So, the year is coming to a close, which means kids are more excited about mail then anything else, the weather is miserable where I live, and I once again think about how short a year seems (to me) now that I actually notice the passing of time.

I’m basically just flapping my metaphorical lips at you because I really don’t have much to say, but I feel like I need to talk because I’m guilty about not posting. In fact, I’m guilty about a lot of things. My treehouse is my biggest guilt. My father built this awesome treehouse but I never go up there. So it clings to the tree, lonely and deprived of someone enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the treehouse, but I just never go up there, never hang out. Another guilt—Have I written about guilt before? I feel like I have. —is my schoolwork. (Reminder, I’m homeschooled) When my work day is going wrong and I feel like I’m not learning anything, I try to make it up in my mind by thinking that at least I get a decent education otherwise, rather than go to the public school that I would be going to which is terrible.

But I’m buying myself time here, so I can think of something interesting to write about.*

Content is key. I feel like I might have the potential to write a good blog post, or make interesting videos, but I have no content. Sure, I could go with quantity over quality, but I don’t want to do that. The only thing that I have content over and over again with is my music, which! OMG GOD THIS IS PERFECT!

I just recorded two of my songs with my band, Appello: Come Along and Sheeple. Sheeple is sort of bad in terms of vocals, and it hasn’t been mixed yet, but here is both of them:

Uhh god you have got to be kidding me. WordPress won’t let me upload .wav files cause I don’t have the premium plan. Well, I am going the make a music video of Come Along (featuring morphing and exploding heads!) so I will upload that to youtube and make a post about it.

And I have successfully written a blog post! Sorry guys, wish I had more content, I’m just whacking my fingers against the keyboard.

*How much has he written about not writing anything? This is getting ridiculous, and he is STILL going on with it. GET ON WITH IT.


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