Doctor Who, amongst other things


*british accent* Hello Craig! I’m BACK!*

Sorry I haven’t written anything, I’m not doing the weird titles thing, I am still obsessed with Doctor Who, I suck at baking pumpkin pie, Nerf MEGA darts** are terrifying, my dog is chewing on his foot, blah, blah, blah.

Whew. Here we go again.

As you probably know, I’ve been really obsessed with the show Doctor Who. I have no idea what makes me love it so much, but it’s just SO COOL ERMAGHERD! The whole plot is just so ridiculous you have to love it. Constantly fixing the problem with something to the extent of Hyper Pan-Dimensional Vortex, there is literally no end to the amount of geeky tech and alien. And then there are the moments where some big bad alien is confronted by The Doctor, and this happens:

The Doctor(TD): These people are under my protection!

Big Bad Alien(BBA): I admire your courage, but I’m not stupid. Only my handprint is accepted in order to stop the bomb.

TD: You have two options, go away, cancel the detonation, and leave these people in peace. Or, get past me.

BBA: And why would I choose to leave?

TD: Because I’m in the way. Haven’t you heard? I’m The Doctor, destroyer of the Daleks, last of the Time Lords. Look into these eyes. See what I have done. And, don’t forget: Run.

At which point my mother breaks down crying for some reason. I dunno.

Anyway, the Big Bad Alien sees something in The Doctor’s eyes, maybe how determined he is, maybe his retina, and runs away. What I’m saying is, there are some moments on Doctor Who where The Doctor is just plain badass.

The characters are always funny or lovable too. Take Donna Noble, the biggest ball of sass ever to hit TV. Or Commander Strax of the Sontaran Empire, who approaches every scenario with war tactics, the big potato head(literally, look up scenes of Commander Strax on YouTube, it’s hilarious.) Probably my favorite companion that The Doctor has had would be Rory Williams. Always getting dragged along, totally confused, and probably the most sensible companion ever.

And THEN, to top off the awesomeness, there is the tech. A grumpy time and space traveling machine that is bigger on the inside, an overrated penlight with a stupid name that does everything the former can’t, and LASERS!

So, yeah, Doctor Who is awesome, you should really binge watch it on Netflix or Hulu, and SONORA!











*Just ask Stormaggedon. Sorry. Uhhh, watch some Doctor Who episode to understand. Cybermen are in it. I can’t remember the name of the episode and can’t be bothered to find it.

**Sorry, broke my Transformer promise.


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