Am I a doofus?


So, I have been extremely absent of the past number of… Months is it now? Ok. Well then. Anyway, a lot can happen in say, 3 months? So yeah, let’s get started! 


Ok, lets go by newest first. About an hour or two ago, my mom was teaching me about the different types of logic, and how to use them in general life. Am I illogical? Must be so, because I am a chicken.

If you didn’t understand that, dearly sorry. I am not an actual chicken. Nor a chicken of any kind, although I do like chicken an awful lot. Am I 5% chicken? Five percent because that is the quickest percent to type, since they are the same key? Should that have been a question?


Last night, I was thinking about two things: If 1.11111…. forever is a rational number, then what about 2.481632 (2 point four, eight, so on) Is that a rational number? It could go on forever, but we could predict what would happen. But alas, I think it not. You see, it never will repeat. So, it being infinite, it is irrational. Although, something like 2.4681012 (Two point four, six, eight so on) would be rational, because it repeats, even though it is infinite.

Going further back, I started to write a sic-fi volume of short novellas. I’ve only started the first story, but it’s coming together nicely. I don’t know what to call the entire book, nor the first story. I may post it in the future.

Going back back, I got some baby chickens to raise. Very cute. No. They stink. But they are cute. Do I have chicken crap on my hands right now? They look like dragons when wet though.

But anyway, felt like writing something today, so ya.


Also, I felt lazy, so I just made the title whatever popped into my head.



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