A worm, with a monocle and top hat


So… How do I explain this.

Wait, hold on. That sounded like I’m going to say I have cancer or  a son admitting to his dad that he’s gay.

Ok, I’ll be blunt, I just made a Youtube channel.

So, almost that scary, actually.

But anyway, you can go check in out over at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTukglrZfUhqiwfuHm1CPkA

I’ve tried to do this sort of thing in the past, but the trolls and age bigots came down hard. I only have one video up so far, and I plan to get a weekly thing going.

I really have nothing else to say here, but theres more over on ThesaurusRex


Oh, wait, you saw more text. So you figured, he’s just messing with me. Really, I was just hoping that I wouldn’t have to reveal my awful nickname that I used to have (Lotion is WWAAYYYY less annoying)

The story behind the name ThesaurusRex:

I went to this summer camp once in a nearby town. It wasn’t much, just a pool, playground, snack bar, and a pavilion. We were all always really bored, and so comes the end of my story.

But no, they where so bored that they had a bone to buck with everybody. I was called Rex at the time, my middle name. But people, being stupid annoying fat monday-loving people, decided to call me Tyrannosaurus-Rex. This was my downfall. It made me sound like a brute, not the genius I wanted to be. So I set my tiny brain to come up with an alt. It never happened during the camp’s duration, but I continued to try to think up one. Eventually, due to it’s sounding like the original nickname, and also naming something associated with knowledge, I arrive at Thesaurus Rex


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