Ok, I’ll admit it, but only because you probably have to too. So, what I have taken from my readers is that you are NOT the type to go watching the Super Bowl and cry when your team doesn’t win. You may not even WATCH the game (almost put down games out of spite*) or have a team like me. If you are this human being that I describe, for sure you can relate to this, maybe even admit (That is how bad OUR addiction is) it:

Watching the funny commercials. This is it. **

We find these funny for good reason to. Just look it up on youtube. TONS of funny teaser trailers. Sometimes they don’t even have anything that has to do with the product. For people like me, this is the only reason we KNOW what the Super Bowl is. There is not much that has not already been said to say, but this is: We care about them more than the game. I’m actually surprised that I’m writing about this. Totally unlike me to care about  what is kosher in this society, when I would rather be writing about how humans are the most distasteful creatures.

Funny + Gameday + Comercial + Fuaymer

*You may not even get this, so hint: What is up with all of the people named after plants??

**BTW, none of this may make sense. Just look closely


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