As I sit here I think, should I write this idea or that idea? Or I could do the other post that I was thinking of, or that other OTHER idea.

Am I crazy? Why am I asking that question? Of course I’m crazy!?!? Maybe we will find out… soon.

Did you know that multiple personalities are a side affect of farting? Yes, its tru- *Phgurrp* “WHO WAS THAT??”

Supersize me. This is what I hear. I have no idea, when I know perfectly well I do. I spy upon a delicious Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwich. Or is upon correct? Isn’t that only for animate objects? Well, of course it is, correct that is, for the sandwich, because it is talking to me. Like the Annoying Orange. But this is the annoying sandwich. But it is not annoying. What is this?

You are clicking away now. I can feel it. Either to distance yourself from me (Forever alone), or because you are bored. I do not care. I write because I need to. It satisfies my hunger for Siamese Ca— I mean SEC sandwiches. I have a secret:

I have been on the edge, and I have expressed

Thank you for holding on with me.

Ansast = Another + Insane + Post (This sentence is my only time of sanity, but why whwy whywhwywhwywhwy won’t the UNDERLINE GO AWAY. Hold on. There we go- Shoot, how about thi- ARRGGGGG)


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