I am currently feeling our topic, and so are you (maybe). Its guilt.


When I was in Italy last year, my dad and I were going around looking for a boogy-board to mess around with in the ocean (The Mediterranean, by the way, is BEAUTIFUL) And we finally found a shop with one. It was a bit expensive, and in was kinda small, but we hadn’t found anything before that, so we figured this was my best bet. My dad* went ahead, and let me pay for the board. When I left the shop, it turns out that my dad had found a cheaper place with a bigger board than what we got. He told me that I should go back and return the smaller one, and handed the other salesperson the money. I really couldn’t bring myself to bum out that little shop owner. It was awful. I know I probably shouldn’t freak about that sorta thing, but come on, you know that feeling, that scared-ness that washes over you, the dread. What made it worse was that the owner couldn’t really understand me, which made me feel like she was trying to get out of it, that she was sad. It’s also funny how other animals feel guilt too. You know the look on your dogs face when you catch him eating you chicken fajitas of the counter. Well, maybe not cats. But they are so full of them selves, and would probably sell their own mother for a can of tuna. I wonder why we get that feeling anyway, what thing that our ancestors did that made them need to have those chemicals released. I mean, you shouldn’t feel bad for your food, right? I mean, that might be a little crazy (You know I am), you should respect that the animal died so you can live on.

Guilt  could also be the spark for worship. If they (The Neanderthals) did feel bad for their prey, maybe the thought that forgiving the heavens  would right their wrongs, or stop that feeling.

I’m sure you can name at least one case of guilt that you have had, and we all know how pushing it can be. And maybe sometimes it is a good idea to pay attention to that.

Minguit: My + Feeling + Guilt



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