Jaguar Math


Ok, get prepared to be sentimental. Remember when I would go off topic at the very begining of the post? Ah, the good old days. But I’m bringing the habit back from the dead, then shooting it. Actually, I’m going to do it once, then not do it anymore, for you literalists. And here is a surprise: I’ve gotten of topic about getting off topic. But, I guess if you are a long time reader (I have no idea how you can be that, considering that I’ve been doing this for only a month or so) that is common.

Wait, what was I going to be off topic about?

Ah, forget it. This is what I really wanted to talk about: (Oh wait I think I remember what I wanted to be off topic about)*

That’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Ok, clean slate, Lucian. Pretend like you have just started to write this post. Ok. Here you go:

If you read my last post, you know that I have been going skiing, and so speed. (That was weird) I was thinking about this, and how we get so much fun out of something so bland. I mean, seriously, if aliens watch us during skiing season, they must think that we are crazy. For all they know, we attach sticks to our legs, get in a weird chair/hoverboard, go up a mountain with white ice powder on it, and go down really fast. While (maybe) screaming. But they seem happy, not scared.

Now, back to a human point of view. Now, (maybe obviously, I seriously have no idea what the world thinks these days) we take  pleasure in this because of our adrenaline. We feel in control, but we are going to fast that we really have no idea if we are gonna end up like the guy on the medic board with a major concussion open that you passed on the way down (True story, maybe later) It’s this fear of the unknown.

But there is a reason to this, and that is to have fun and live life to its fullest, so go out there and do some bungee or something.

*For all of you who are wondering, yes I am actually confused as I write this. This was not staged.


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