This is gonna be deep…


Questions. We all have them. A lot of them are very serious, and sometimes, you really don’t want the answer to them.

So, while my Dad and I were driving to the ski mountain, I was contemplating the universe, and everything in it. The stars, the mountains, the hugeness of it all, until my brain was a little loose in my skull. One of my thoughts got caught by my tendrils that were out grasping for anything that made sense. This one didn’t. So, what was this thought, you might ask? Well, the fate of the universe. Now, when discussing this, I like to base things off the Big Bang Big Crunch theory. Gives it some constraints, and it makes sense, why it makes sense I will explain in just a moment. If you don’t know that The Big Bang Big Crunch theory is, let me explain. The BBBC theory says that the universe is like a pulse, where the big bang happens, then the gravity becomes to much and it collapses back into its self, then the process starts over again, in a loop.

This theory makes sense because you see it everywhere in nature, especially in the flowers. The flowers open then close then open then close, like the BBBC theory.

When contemplating this, I realized that it sounded sorta like a pulse. A heartbeat. I wondered, what if our time period is like a bug’s, minuscule, and the BBBC happening over and over is actually relatively fast, that in space-time, maybe BBBC is kinda fast.

This gives way too some new things. First of all, perhaps it is searching for something. Not to say the universe is alive (maybe), but what if physics was in a way…. Searching for something. I mean, physics isn’t a being, but it does try to search for the most stable position. Maybe with all of its Opening and Closing, it is searching for the most stable position for the universe. This could mean that the universe is actually a lot older than we think. Maybe the BBBC has been happening this way for trillions of years, and before that, who knows? But back to the point, maybe the physics in the universe is searching for the most stable positions of the galaxies and stuff. Maybe, it has already reached this “goal”, which is why there is life in this Big bang, when maybe there wasn’t in the last LAST big bang.

But how do we know? Face it, there will never be a way to prove that our brain just doesn’t invent all of this stuff. How do I know that somebody is reading this, or if I am even really typing? How do I know that your green is that same as my green? Ugh. Sounds like we are getting WAY to close to Matrix, which would lead to Inception, which would lead to more brain-melting. Let’s just leave it the way it is, without really knowing anything. I mean do you really WANT to know?


One thought on “This is gonna be deep…

  1. You are a natural-born (secular) teleologist. Where do you get it from? What if the universe has enough mass to make it expand forever, ever slowing down but never actually stopping? And what if there is another “universe” with which ours interacts at some point? This could interrupt the periodic nature of the BBBC theory. Love, Mom

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