Behind the studios


So, you may have wondered before about my weird titles. All that confusion is about to end.

I never really like stating something plain and simple, possibly a side effect of my love of riddles. I don’t like when things are just… There. I like a mystery, the challenge of figuring it out, putting your brain to use. So, you can see a method to my madness. Take my latest post, When Confuwoor Strikes. I didn’t want to say, What does English sound like to a non-speaker, so I took the first half of confuse and melded it with the Dutch for word. Then it was a simple process of figuring out what context it should be in. On the other hand, sometimes the title have nothing to do with my post. Take Naked Cowboy, for example (Well… I guess it sorta had something to do with the post)

Othertimes I don’t delve to deeply into the logistics of it, for example HULK SMASH. I just thought, rants = angry = Hulk. My favorite title so far is probably “A tollbooth”, as it sounds nice and has a very in-depth connection. I got this name through thinking that it took time to get to christmas, to clocks, to Tock, who by chance is the WatchDog in The Phantom Tollbooth. Voila! Sometimes though, I am feeling bland, and I simply title it what I am writing about. As in Is punishment or reward more effective. Though, in defense, That subject is not mine, nor some of the stuff in it. I simply thought I should make a post out of it.

But whatever the logic in it….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2014!!!!!!!!! 😛 :D!!!!!! OMG WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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