Merry Christmas!


I’ve found that on Christmas eve I am actually more exited that on Christmas. There are a majority of reasons, one being that the holiday has been ruined by marketers, but the main reason is that I like the suspense when going to sleep the night before Christmas. Although, it can let you down, as you may expect more than you get and… Being that I didn’t ask for anything, that is kinda what happened. It seems like, in terms of holidays, this year has sucked for me. I mean, my presents where awesome and everything, but it seems like Double Digits are weighing down on me. I just spent the past half an hour reading The Fault it Our Stars. It is amazing. My reading choice might put me in a completely different light, but I don’t let those things change me. John Green, by the way, in my opinion, is not as cool as Hank Green. No offense. John green is cool, Hank is cooler. And BTW, they don’t get enough credit for their youtube channel Vlogbrothers as well as

I never really understood why kids ask for stuff on Christmas. I mean, unless you need something, everybody else is gonna get you the junk that lasts five minutes.

But anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year.


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