How to disappear


People have a tendency to… disappear. Go away. Go up in a cloud of smoke. Whether be it they run away, are kidnapped, or even decide that they are, well… done, to put it that way. But no matter the cause, people can just, be gone, and without a trace. You may have even had this happen, with somebody close to you.

But, how do people disappear without a trace? We are constantly tracked and monitored. Take the example of this: One day, a man made an angry phone call to Target, saying that his 17 year old daughter was being sent certain ads, specifically for baby products. You see, Targets algorithm had seen that she had been buying different items like non scented soap, and so, thought she was pregnant, and so the corresponding ads where sent. Later that month, the man sent a apology letter to Walmart, saying that it was his mistake, and that his daughter was in fact, pregnant.

Like I said, we are monitored. Heck, Walmart knew that girl was pregnant before her father did. So how is it that, in the US alone, more that 2000 people, disappear? Where do these people go? What if YOU disappear? And, how do you know that you already haven’t… disappeared? They could have gone in the way I listed already, or perhaps they are perfectly fine, but they have just left their old friends and family, debt and oaths, to start a new life somewhere else, maybe even as someone else. How long does it take to notice, that you are gone? Well, legally, if you are not heard from in 5-7 years, you are declared dead… in abstensia. This is what happened to a french astronomer. In the 1700-1800 tons of people traveled to observe the transit of venus. So, he left france in 1760 for Pondechery, in India. Sadly, his boat was blown off course, and the night of the transit, he was on a ship, with was rocking to much for accurate measurements to be taken. The next transit would take place in 8 years, but the next NEXT transit wouldn’t happen for another 100 years, so he stuck around. He built a astronomy tower, and waited. When the transit came around, the sky about him was over cast. Dismayed, he went back to France, only to find that he had been declared dead, his wife re-married, and his spot as the royal astronomer, replaced.

A lady in Hampshire, UK, died in her apartment. When they found her, there was only a little bit of her left, as her cats had eaten her, after she died.

Also, 7 years ago, Joyce Hamson was found dead on her couch, except that they got her skeleton. She had been dead for almost 3 years, and no one had ever checked on her. Her television was still on, and the only reason she was found, was because the internet company, wasn’t getting their money. And 4 days after a government building in Oklahoma was bombed, a severed leg was found in the rubble. No one knew who it belonged to. The legs for all the victims had been accounted for, and no one else had been reported  missing. DNA analysis had shown what the leg belonged to a girl named Kesha, who had been buried already, but with both of her legs. They dug her corps up, and found that she had been buried with someone else’s left leg, as they where swapped. But since her Kesha had been embalmed, they couldn’t find out who’s leg it belonged to. 169th victim, remains a mystery.

Regardless of their fate, it is possible for someone to disappear, without anyone knowing anything about it.

Premature obituaries are common. This is when somebody supposedly dies, and their obituaries are released, even if the person is alive. But for the people who subject to these, it gives you the rare ability to see how to will be remembered. A man Harvey, reportedly had died from a stroke, and how obituary stated him, was not very flattering. He was called broke, alone, and unpopular. He eventually died, from another stroke, from shock of reading his obituary.

The book How to disappear is great, check it out on the amazon store, but what if you are missing, but you don’t know it? How do you know? Well, legally, it is perfectly fine, and it is your choice to go missing. But believing that no one will miss you, that is impossible. Don’t worry, someone will find you if you are out there.


Thanks from Michael Stevens


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