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The other day, I was playing a game of risk, in which you attempt to dominate the world. Your path to glory is carved by two die in which roll in the hope that your outcome will be greater than your opponents. I, personally, have a tactic of my own, though it may be absolutely insane. Instead of melting the dice on a certain way, or cheating in some fashion, I simply wish for six’s. Of course it doesn’t work, every time, but I feel as though I get better scores when participating in this world dominating voodoo. It is completely insane, but is there a method to my madness?

Well, let’s take a logical route. Perhaps when I attempt this sorcery or sorts, every time I roll a higher number, my brain takes more impact from it, and therefor it remembers the highlights and forgets the mistakes, making me think it does me better*.

Or perhaps, it is doing something, perhaps my brains energy is directed at the lightest side (The six) or vise versa, causing the winning roll. But, where is the connection between my brain and the die? Well, through my body, of course, being it a great conductor.

But this is all just craziness, but if there is some reality to it, leave a response to this below in the hopes that I am not completely stark raving mad….





*Sounds a little like my Punishment/Reward post. Go read it if you haven’t, and excuse my old fashioned speak.


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