So yeah


Yesterday after writing Naked Cowboy, I was in the car going to the grocery store. I was thinking, I can’t remember what, you’ll see why in a moment. I was thinking of SOMETHING and I realized that I should write about it here. It was a really awesome idea. Sadly, as you may have experienced, this great moment of ideas can be pushed aside to the depths of your brain by too much sushi… I can’t remember what it was. But here is the thing: I could remember what street and what part of that street that we were on when I had the thought… Funny how the place had more of an impact on me than the thought… Oh! I just remembered what it was, but I will postpone it until tomorrow. I had better write it down though, so I don’t forget again. See ya! Or… Read ya!? Wait, that doesn’t make any sense… More like Write ya! How does this even work?!?!?!?!?!


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