Naked Cowboy


Have you ever realized how kids my age tend to categorize each other? There is the Jocks, the Geeks, the Nerds, the Cheerleaders, and the Goths. It also seems as though that once you’ve been “categorized”, that cubbyhole that you are in seems to bend and churn you. It changes you, forcing you to be the stereotype. And don’t even think about stepping out of line and being something different, because you will get CRUSHED. The world will smash you flat for being different. Really, the only way you can pull off being different is being separated from the world, like I sorta am. In my about page, I say that I am an autodidact. Now, chances are you don’t know what this is, but if you were paying attention in Latin and you know what it means, you’ve been categorized as a Nerd. An autodidact is a self taught. I know this might make it seem like I just hang around all day and don’t do my work, but I like doing my schoolwork, I take knowledge as a privilege that I only get once. Anyway, I say autodidact because, even in the far reaches of Freak and Geek land, you still get a bit of stereotyping. You see, people constantly assume that homeschoolers(Man,even autocorrect doesn’t like that word) do work meant for babies in preschool. I’m not so sure if adults have the same problem with this, but if they did, we would know one of the reasons the world is falling apart. Stereotyping can make kids go to extremes such as suicide, just because they don’t fit in. So be weird, just watch out for the giant fist, and make sure it doesn’t come crashing down on you.


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