I was in the library sitting down with the “Mystery book” that they had up for selection. Apparently I was the only one who was willing to take the risk of reading something other than (Imput stupidest popular book of the year). They get shivers from the word Young Adult. Anyway, I was sitting down to this book when I overhear some highschoolers talking. Possibly the same? (read Pyrogamebird) I am listening in on their conversation, and Thing 1 says that she had an assignment from her teacher in which she was supposed write an Op-Essay on something controversial. This grabbed my attention, thinking that she might have written about 9/11 and could possibly be an activist, which would make me forgive her for Fangurl squee-ing in the movies. But no, it was not 9/11, nor was it Racisim, but… Sigh….. Goldfish abuse. Really. No, when she could have written about the closest thing being Animal abuse. Her teacher must’ve said that was to vague.


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