A Tollbooth


Ah… Tis the season to be jolly, whatnot with all of the gifts and sledding and whatever be your interest during this botched time of year. Yes, I just said botched. I like Christmas, I ain’t startin’ a cult or nothin’, but the season does have some pretty weird things going on during it. Just for starters, There is an entire WAR on Christmas, which I am not recruiting my self to an army which fights it. Did you not read what I already said?

People can spend their entire monthly paycheck on gifts… to make it even more messed up, parents cover it up with all of this Santa crap (Long live easter bunny!) And THEN parents take all this stuff away that they blew $100 on until you finish you assignment on finding the next 8 million digits of Pi.

The whole naughty or nice thing is also screwed up. Kids who vandalized the church get a dirt bike, for heavens sake. What about the old Christmas  everybody talks about when you get coal… At least you can be a bit of a pyromaniac with that….