What could I possibly title this post?


What could I title this post? Yes, what should I? Or, for that matter, what should my topic be? I mean, there is plenty of stuff that I could spend thinking of, but what is on quality for me to write, not to mention what will be fun for me to write. There is something: never produce if your not having fun with it. If you are simply there to gain followers, GIT BOY! Or girl. But I thought that phrase was used no matter your sex? Oh but what does this matter? Why is the publish button so big now? And the check box for if the post is super awesome…. I mark it. Of course it is awesome. Anyone with a title such a Lord Master Duke Lucian Rex Alexander-Roy must be amazing, and therefore his creations must be amazing. But amazing is not awesome, so I must uncheck the box. But it is still a question Why these oddities are here. Possibly a result of tampering with my settings? No. This is too much. I must lie down. My head. I wonder why I am writing without any topic… Although…. This is fun. But creating without a base must be impossible. But I am doing so. Has someone sacked the world, changed it so that things do not need stabilizers to be stable? Or possibly this creepy wooden statue staring at me from across the room is controlling me. Hold on, my vision is going fuzzy… Hold on-HELP-No no, sit back down. NO GET AWAY FROM THE STUPID COMPUTER YOU STUPID CACTU- Now now, shut up.

Ah, but this is still me. I tried to trick you, although, I suspect you were not fooled. But again, perhaps I could write about what I could possibly title this post.

Grand idea, Cactus.


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