Could you imagine…


Yesterday Amazon released its new prototype to the world. In attempt to make super-fast shipping for 1-5 pound objects, they designed a little flying GPS equipped robot that would drop your item in a little plastic container right onto your doorstep;Here’s the video:

Basically, what they are saying is, it’s ok to have drones flying around our skies! Yay! But no… This is not good, I mean, really. Drones. D.R.O.N.E.S. The name already sounds like some sinister being from Star Wars. They say that they have to bypass some rules, aka overwrite the law, to get these things flying. Think of the amount of spying that would be apon us! They could even equip these little guys with some self destruct mechanism so they could fly them into peoples houses and take out a big chunk of their roof, just because this certain customer didn’t buy the item they suggested when also buying “How to Cure Herpes”. Think of all the little plastic containers we’d be getting. I’m also sure that this things shipping costs actually costs MORE than what you bought. I imagine that once these things come out, there will be a bunch of tutorials on Youtube, teaching us how to catch these things at just the right moment and get a free drone. The might be a bunch of hicks who make a game outta trying to shoot these things out of the air. And when you think about it, Amazon would have to set up a BUNCH of more amazon stations so they could send the drones a quick as possible. But really, would you really want these little suckers invading our skies? I don’t think so. One of my favorite channels on youtube made a spoof which you can see here:

Hands down, all I can say is: Bad idea. No, wait, HORRIBLE idea. We already have 1 day shipping. Trust me, unless his/her birthday starts in an hour and you don’t have a present, your fine without it.


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