∞ ☥


If you could understand what I meant by the two symbols, ∞ and ☥, you would have read infinite life. Not literally, but in terms of something that you do or say or build or whatever that makes your name remembered for a really long time, maybe forever. What can you really do or say, that will make you remembered, forever? Well, first, lets start off small. You could mark your name in some wet concrete, but still, there is always the possibility that the cement could be crushed and destroyed, gone forever. But lets think bigger. You could, say something really motivating, that people would remember, or you could tell a story, or you could build a monument. But you don’t have to do something that benefits the world, actually, studies show that things that harm us have more of an impact and print on us. Hitler, one of the most terrible men in the world, who killed probably over 10 million people, is still hated as if he was still murdering right now. There is also how much impact you have on the world, not just the people. If you made a product to put in your car to make it run better, but also spewed poison lead into the air, that would probably get you up there on this list. But eventually, somehow, or something, would ruin this something that you attempted to make your life infinite. The statue would collapse, the book would burn, the people who knew the tale would be killed. So live your life well, do good, because we don’t have much of it.


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