Who you are vs. Who you want to be


We all know that side of us, the one that is prefect, who wears the perfect clothes, who perfectly lip-synchs the song (You know you do it!) I know that I have that “other side” too. For me, it is the one who can perfectly play the song, who has the brain of a 20 year old, who dresses like a British person. I’m sure you have this “part” of you too. But here is the thing: This all goes on in our head. We THINK all this stuff, we wish it were true. But really, is this life that goes on in our head, really better? I mean, you’ve gone (insert your age here) years like this, and you haven’t been put in jail or anything. Or, scratch that, if you’re reading this from the public computer at your prison. But which side is better? I mean, I’m not going to try to influence you, but really, you’re doing awesome. Or maybe if you’re in prison you should just close the computer, wait for your term to end, than live that life that you imagine. Unless you like jail, and doing crime is your favorite thing. Than you’re screwed. Really, though, let’s compare your “sides”. Your current has gotten you as far as it has. You’re probably having fun, even if you don’t feel like it. I mean, you had the energy to pick up your butt (or actually sit down your butt) and read this. Surely something is happening in your life. I think, if you haven’t decided to try to live that life in your head, I don’t think you need it. This is kinda for me, you don’t have to follow what I do, but I tried to change and I did. So really, it is up to you. DFTBA.


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