So, I went to go see the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. I thought it was great, and it was almost exactly like the books. The Hunger Games books are one of my personal favorites, and I was glad to see that they did an excellent job on the movie. I kinda have a feeling that they will split up Mockingjay into two movies, but that’s ok, it just means more popcorn and Rasinets for me. They did a very good job depicting her going a little crazy. President Snow didn’t look as good in this one. I the last movie he looked a lot more sinister. I remember from during the movie, there was these two girls sitting behind us who where like, really loud. They would squeal and laugh and all that, while we were trying to watch the movie. They had clearly never read the books…. Which is a must do when it comes to the Hunger Games. And watching the first movie too. While we are on the topic of annoyances during the movie (Or before the movie) I guess I’ll take so more of your precious time that you should be using to go do something. But I’d like you to stay right here, reading my posts.

Anyway, another annoyance was before the movie when we were getting our popcorn. There was these other two girls, maybe even the same ones, that were talking about the new Hobbit movie. They also had clearly not read the books. It annoys me when somebody does’t read the book before the movie….

But what ever, the movie was great, so go watch it.


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