How to Lazy


I’ve been called lazy before. You might have been, too. If you haven’t well you have now, because you’re LAZY! All you do all day is sit around and read my posts. Get outside and do something. Actually wait, scratch that. And that stuff before it. And that too. Oops, scratch that and this. There. Wait, scratch that too. And this.

Some studies have shown that people who are lazy tend to have more brain activity, and sometimes are smarter that most people.

Ok, so you might have been called lazy before, and so have I. But I really think that lazy people are just people who think up better ways to do things. Take this for example: You’re so lazy, you can’t even go to the library to get information. You: Yeah, so I invented a computer.

See what I mean? And the people that call you lazy are probably just really overly complicated. Cheaters are also sorta the same. They just look through the best way out of the test or race, or whatevs. And if you get caught cheating, you probably deserve it, because you were to lazy to cheat correctly. But really, if you have your OWLs* coming up, just do it** right.

*No, you might not get a Harry Potter post.

**Did you know that the Nike slogan “Just do it” comes from when some guy was asked for his last words before his execution, and all he said was: “Let’s do it.”


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