Sydney the Blind Chicken


Ok, as wacko as the title sounds, it IS something important to me. You might just find these words the ramblings of someone gone nuttier than squirrel poo, but I dunno where else to scream, kick, punch, cry, deface, etc. Last night, my blind chicken Sydney died. This really sucks for me, more for the chicken actually. I really really liked that chicken. Whatnot with her cute buda-bu-da sound and the way she would come to me if I called her name. She was my friend. I hope she died in her sleep and didn’t suffer or anything. I never really could call the normal chickens friends, but once Sydney was helpless in some way, I felt like I was a friend to her. It’s weird. Now, if you’re a kid like me and you’re just looking for advice on what to do when a pet dies, here’s my advice: Find a good picture of your pet and print it out. When you bury your pet, bury him/her with something that the pet used a lot or was close to. I’m not really too sure what I wanted to say but this, so yeah.


Sydney the Blind Chicken

 March 2011 — Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Age 20 chicken years

Sydney and I

Sydney and I


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