Mental World Domination


Ok, so the reason I went into the city was to watch my Aunt fight the 5 time world champ in women’s boxing. Sadly, the fight was canceled. But in a way, my Aunt Natalie actually won. Not physically, but mentally. I could see, and so could Natalie, that “Mongoose” (That’s her rink name) was scared. She knew that my Aunt would defeat her. And she probably would have too, just because she was higher than her mentally.

I kinda try to do this too, because physically, I’m not gonna do so well, but mentally? There’s where I am best. And really, the mental battle is like 60-70 percent, rather than 50-50. One way to put yourself in a higher stage, mentally, is to have the last word, whether it’s on a phone call or having a discussion.

Another thing is something called reverse psychology, if you’ve heard of it, and you can use it to get your way. It’s actually quite simple. You just say the OPPOSITE of what you want, whether be it a decision or if you really want the X-box one. Take that example:
“Come on, can I get the X-Box one?”
“Fine, I guess not.”
Now, using reverse psychology:
“I’m too old for video games…”
“You know, I think I’ll get you an X-box.”

See? Perfectly fool-proof!

Sorry for a short post today. But I thought it was fun!



(Whoa, first time I used paragraphs)


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