So, if you noticed that I was gone, which I hope you did, Here is my explanation for my absence: I was in NYC.

(Time to have another not-so-suspenceful gap of space that really is just there to make the post longer)

So, there are a lot of reasons you can end up staying in the city for a long time, one of my examples being spending 4 hours in a Dave & Busters (At least I won something worthwhile). But I like the city, and I feel like I fit in there. Now, if you don’t live in NYC but do live in another big city, you’re probably thinking, EEWWW, he likes NYC, he must have a big ego! But no, were not like that. I mean yeah, there is definitely a lot of ego in NYC, but if it had the biggest, we would have made the freedom tower taller and gotten the record for biggest in ‘murica. But anyway, I don’t feel like fighting the ego battle, so whatevs (Auto correct tried to change that to “walrus”, but I don’t care, already ranted about that, so walrus.) During a ferry around The Statue of Liberty, I wanted to take a good picture with my dads phone, because you know how parents are with electronics, but he told I couldn’t cause he thought I might drop it into the water. I thought about this, and then I realized that there was probably a fossil record along the path that we were sailing along of all of the stages of picture taking technology, from all of the people that dropped their cameras or whatever. Probably, in a line from one ferry dock to the other, there was a layer of tech stuff, starting with old magnetic film cameras on the bottom, then the first big digital cameras, then more hi-tech, all the way up to the past month or so with a thin topping of defunct IOS 7. When we came to the Staten Island dock, the PA told us that even if we were going back to the big apple, we had to get off and get on a different boat. So we got off, and then got back on. And then we noticed that we had gotten onto the same boat as before. It was weird, but it doesn’t really matter. Then we got off, and went to dave and busters, which is an arcade. I had a lot of fun, got plenty of tickets, and won something that was actually WORTH MY TIME. So, overall, good times.


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