Have you ever noticed how my titles always have really nothing to do with my posts? Really, I’m just asking this just to see if you’ve been reading, or if all of my readers are just people following in hopes of follows back. I’m of topic again, but I’ll just leave it that way, cause I know how to gravitate what I’m talking about to my topic, even if I make your brain hurt on the way. So, I started with talking about how most of my titles have no continuity to my writing?* Well, today’s title is “Inception”. Psychology-make-your-brain-hurt movie’s aside, I actually do have some sort of reason into my titles. It went something like, Suggestions to Ideas to MineCraft (Please don’t kill me copyright) to seed planting to INCEPTION.

That actually had no relevance to my wanted topic.

Which would be…… SUGGESTIONS! Off topic again: Have you noticed that I like using big gaps of space to make my posts seem longer?


(I’ve done it again!)
So, I have a lot of people that I admire (cough cough Green Brothers cough cough CGP Grey cough cough) and I’d think you would like them too:

The Green Bros (not their real name) (youtube vlogbrothers, they have a ton of other channels too)
CGP Grey (youtube)
Vsauce (I spend to much time on youtube)
And even if you don’t care for social media, this is way different, and way more awesome: (Not a human being, but still on the list)

There is a lot more that I could write down, but if there had to be a top (I take a break to go take a look at how many things I listed) a top 4 list, these would be it. So, I hope you read, because these people are really awesome.

*My mom, BTW, is also a writer, and I’m feeling a little gracious today, so I’ll give you a link:


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