Ok, so, hands down, I can’t be all that sad about not writing the 2nd post yesterday. But! BUT! I just realized after checking my email that I have gathered more of a following in, 5 days, then I would have expected in a month. So thank you all! I really hope I keep gaining followers and I hope that you keep reading. But again, I’ve been sidetracked (This is becoming a thing now…) from what I wanted to talk about. Today, what all you’ve waiting for… A RANT! Well, rants actually. But what can I say, my life can suck (I guess I just sorta contradicted myself, but get used to it, I do it a lot)

Ok, rant No. 1:
So, I can understand why companies would want to really commercialize (it took my awhile to figure that word out, but spell check* isn’t all over my butt with the red line, so I guess I’m good.)
Christmas, you know, cause it’s like, the super buying time of the season (even bigger than black friday, I looked it up) but I don’t understand why they don’t do the same with APRIL FOOLS. There isn;t much to say here but that.

*Yes, there will be a autocorrect rant.

Rant No. 2:
Ok, it’s cool that NASA is finding all of these Earth-like planets just in case, like, all of our bad tattoos come alive and eat us all, but why can we, instead of looking for planets that are like, 12000 lightyears away, why not build a spaceship that will BRING us to these crazy far planets, or, try to find one that’s closer! I mean, really, come on guys!

And… Rant No. 3:
Ok, I’ll make it simple: Autocorrect = Why?????

I mean, yeah, it’s cool if I misspell a word and have you correct it without my needing to be there, but I’m pretty sure I spelled “book” right and it doesn’t need to change to to “Snitzelweiner”.
And have you ever had one of those cases where you misspell a word some badly that Autocorrect is just like, “I dunno what to tell you bro…”? Hands down, they shoulda-woulda-coulda (I wonder what autocorrect thinks of that) done it better.


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