So, last night I was doing a ton of Ebaying (is that correct? I’ll ask my Mom/Formal English teacher) Because for some reason one of my moms friends seems to think that we have a warehouse on our property or something which can result in (and it did) sending us a ton of sometimes REALLY weird stuff. I mean, yeah, send us a couple of pairs of shoes and clothes and we’ll see if the fit, and maybe every once in awhile throw in a toy robot or a stuffed Egret (This actually happened), that’s totally fine. But when you get to the point when your getting Loafers made of Alligator skin you can kinda tell that its gone a little over the top. And now I’ve gotten distracted again from what I wanted to talk about, but I’m not going to end it here, which you can obviously see. So, my point is: we get a lot of stuff that we don’t need. And it’s my job to put this Stuff (Yes, capital S, it gets that weird) on eBay. Especially with Christmas coming up. So here I go putting this pair of dress shoes up and checking the price to get an idea of how much I should put it for, when I see that these things go for a CRAP TON of money. $500. No joke. So, this gets me thinking, just to get some kid in Bangladesh to glue some pieces of leather together can get you 500 bucks? Another thing that was running through my head was that there was MORE stuff like this to sell. Now, not to say that I was thinking like, a year trip to Hawaii or anything, but like, $500 for my Mom and I (She makes me split it, even though I do most of the work) When all of a sudden my Mom brings it all down hard. We can only sell this pair of shoes for 50. So this gets me thinking (again), how the heck do companies make money? One business model that I had though of when I was little (I’m still a genius) worked like this:

So, one company makes say, glue. Now, their making big bucks, and another co. wants to cash in on some of that green. So they open another glue co. that sell’s the exact same glue, but for cheaper. Now, it might see stupid if you want to make money, but here’s my point: if you sell it for less but it is the same thing as the other company only cheaper, more people are going to go to you, because it’s cheaper. So, in affect, the rival company starts losing buyers because your selling it for cheaper, and your making more money because even though its cheaper, you still have a lot of buyers.

Actually, I just realized that was most company’s business model…… That was stupid.


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