Ok…. Here goes the first post.


Here goes….

So, I woke up this morning and went and brushed my teeth and did all of that stuff that my Mom used to have scream at me to get me to do but now which I take for granted with the appearance of the halloween candy. Currently I’m writing this when I’m supposed to do my math (shhh!) BTW I’m home schooled, so I figure that’s supposed to make me a kid who looks at websites built for three year olds, and because of this I call myself and autodidact (Now I take a quick break to answer some cube roots questions) But anyway, I’ve gone completely off track from what I wanted to discuss today, but maybe I’m just writing this to get you hooked? No. I am simply writing for the joy of writing. And even though what I’m writing has nothing to do with what I WANT to write, I could still potentially get back on track with what I originally wanted to write…. But anyway, it was nice having this little time to just WRITE, which I never get the time to do but wish I could do more. Well, on that note, “see” you soon.


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